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Women's Lacrosse Heads, Shafts & Sticks


Harrow's Rampart Lacrosse Glove is one of the most popular gloves on the market. It is made with strong and flexible materials, giving players ultimate ease of mobility. The Harrow Rampart Glove lets hands breathe due to the sweat-wicking technology that keeps the hands dry. With more slender padding than the Flex Air, the Rampart is less bulky and more form...


Harrow's X Vision Lacrosse Goggles are some of the most streamlined lacrosse goggles on the market. There is no worrying about restricted eyesight because the openness of the Harrow X Vision allows for improved visual range. The rubber padding enhances the grip to the face, making the goggle comfortable and offering maximized protection. The rubber also acts as a barrier to...

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The Harrow Solo One-Piece Lacrosse Stick is the world's first one-piece graphite stick, and has been re-made with improved string protection, better scoop angle, and reinforced head. The Solo features a built-in end cap, a graphite head which lowers its weight, and a pre-strung snap pocket. This gives this unique lacrosse stick an unmatched shot power and accuracy - turning raw...

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The G71 One-Piece Lacrosse Stick from Harrow is a combination of the P7 head and a P-Series ultralight shaft. Made of high-modulus carbon fiber, this unique stick has an unmatched strength where all unnecessary weight has been shaved off. All in stylish black and silver color. Specifications 280 Grams 31.5” in Length All Weather Control

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Title IX- EC Tapered Lacrosse shaft has a classic look with a tapered crown for extra control.


The P Series Ultralight Tapered Lacrosse Shafts are made of new age carbon fiber and a rubberized grip finish to provide better strength and control for your game. The tapered section gives you more power to your shots and passes.  Specifications 155 grams 31.5" 

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Complete Lacrosse Stick - Title XI EC Shaft, Slingshot Head Strung, Yellow.


With a new contoured throat design, the P11 is lightweight and balanced, made for the most elite of players. The low sidewalls allow for a deeper pocket and allow players to cradle, pass and catch with ease.  All Weather Control Meets US Lacrosse Specifications