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HARROW VAPOR - REDEFINING SQUASH The NEW Harrow Vapor Squash Racquet has had a makeover, but has the same specifications which has made it an all time favorite and bestseller. The Vapor's unique combination of power and control makes it an obvious weapon of choice for top ranked PSA-players and club players of all levels. The Harrow Vapor is a vintage and...

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HARROW VAPOR ULTRALITE - REDEFINING SQUASH  Harrow's bestselling racquet has now gotten even: BETTER LIGHTER How can you improve an already favorite? Harrow has made it possible to make this top-choice squash racquet for PSA pros even more agile and maneuverable by shaving off an additional 5 grams - making it the lightest weapon in the Harrow Vapor series, at a...

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The NEW Harrow Vibe is the squash racquet utilized by World No.2 and World Champion squash player Karim Abdel Gawad. The Vibe has a light, even-balanced frame which has the excellent flexibility to enhance your shot-making and power. Amazing maneuverability helps make this the racquet of preference for players with agile and neat feel with pin-point control. "I've used the Harrow...


The Ultralight head is the lightest head on the lacrosse market. This unique head allows for players to truly feel the ball in the cross. The aggressive shape provides maximum control and shot accuracy and the reinforced plastic design ensures the Ultralight will withstand even the toughest checks. Coming in multiple colors, the Ultralight is a great choice for elite...


Harrow's X Vision Lacrosse Goggles are some of the most streamlined lacrosse goggles on the market. There is no worrying about restricted eyesight because the openness of the Harrow X Vision allows for improved visual range. The rubber padding enhances the grip to the face, making the goggle comfortable and offering maximized protection. The rubber also acts as a barrier to...


Harrow's X-Bow 75 field hockey stick is made for players who demand top performance in every aspect of the game - in receiving, distributing, and taking on defenders 1 v 1. The X-Bow 75 gives you maximum power and the skill needed to score the GWG, and has a proven performance all over the field. The Harrow X-Bow is available...