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Princess Field Hockey Sticks


Princess Sportsgear offers some of the best field hockey sticks available on the market, and is the brand of choice for some of some of the worlds best field hockey players, such as Dutch National Team players Teun de Nooijer, Tim Jenniskens, and their new ambassador Jorrit Croon

Princess field hockey sticks are composed of the highest quality materials, and are made of Japanese Toray carbon, where a higher number of stars on the stick (from 2-7) indicate a higher percentage of carbon. The higher the number of stars, the more stiffness and higher striking power the field hockey stick has.

The field hockey sticks from Princess lets you find the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility, no matter what your skill level is. Allround player? Try the 4 or 5 star stick which have 40% and 60% percent carbon.


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