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Harrow is a US-brand founded in the year 2000. Besides manufacturing equipment and apparel for a variety of sports such as hockey and lacrosse - Harrow prides itself in offering unprecedented customization of their racquets, and has been the squash racquet brand of choice for some of the World's top ranked players, including the new 2017 World Champion Karim Abdel Gawad.

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Harrow's NEW M-140 squash racquet is one of the most successful double frames ever and a top choice from the Player Performance Line. The M-140 has a slightly larger head which gives it extra forgiveness on hits outside the center. Its stiff and hard-hitting frame also makes it a racquet of choice for many singles players and gives you the...


Harrow's NEW Response squash racquet is the perfect match for players on all levels who like the faster paces of play. The teardrop design combined with great balance and aerodynamics provides a nice feel on all shots. "Definitely the best racquet I've ever used. It's very well balanced, allowing me to both go for shots and to play a good...