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Harrow Lacrosse




Harrow's X Vision Lacrosse Goggles are some of the most streamlined lacrosse goggles on the market. There is no worrying about restricted eyesight because the openness of the Harrow X Vision allows for improved visual range. The rubber padding enhances the grip to the face, making the goggle comfortable and offering maximized protection. The rubber also acts as a barrier to...


The Ultralight head is the lightest head on the lacrosse market. This unique head allows for players to truly feel the ball in the cross. The aggressive shape provides maximum control and shot accuracy and the reinforced plastic design ensures the Ultralight will withstand even the toughest checks. Coming in multiple colors, the Ultralight is a great choice for elite...


The NEW Harrow Torrent glove is the most immediately game ready glove on the market. Specifications Triple flex cuff system with floating wrist guard Quadruple density impact foam Silky smooth cool-wick performance liner Ergonomic pad design shaped for ultimate hand flex Reinforced leather palm for heightened feel and playability Most game ready glove on the market

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Title IX- EC Tapered Lacrosse shaft has a classic look with a tapered crown for extra control.


Harrow's Rampart Lacrosse Glove is one of the most popular gloves on the market. It is made with strong and flexible materials, giving players ultimate ease of mobility. The Harrow Rampart Glove lets hands breathe due to the sweat-wicking technology that keeps the hands dry. With more slender padding than the Flex Air, the Rampart is less bulky and more form...


Harrow's Phoenix Tapered Women's Lacrosse Shaft is an upgrade on our KFource Skinny Lacrosse Shaft, the lightest shaft on the market. With its sleek design and strong build, this shaft can help increase ball speed leaving the pocket, while also sustaining tough checks from defenders when driving to goal. Specifications 31.5” in Length High Grade Composite Construction Lightest Shaft on...

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The Harrow P23 Ultralight Lacrosse Shaft features a brand new design with a rubber-grip located on the top 6.5’’ of the shaft. This rubberized grip allows for unrivaled top hand control and advanced grip while letting players grasp hand positioning without having to take their eye off the game. The P23 is an ideal lacrosse shaft for the dynamic and versatile player. ...