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Harrow Field Hockey Sticks

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Harrow brings the very best technology to their field hockey sticks, and have quickly become one of the leaders in the sports market, with their advanced to elite level field hockey sticks - chosen by a variety of top players.

Through their unique combination of carbon and other materials, Harrow offers field hockey sticks perfectly suited to your needs, skill-level, and personal preference.




An elite composite indoor stick with an aggressive combination of power and control. Ideal for those players honing their drag flicking skills.  Specifications INDOOR STICK Midi Head Sleek structure 80% Carbon, 15% Fiberglass, 5% Kevlar 24mm Bow 510 grams FREE SHIPPING


Harrow's Vixen Indoor Field Hockey stick is comprised of 50% carbon and 50% fiberglass. It weighs in at 510 grams for an ultra light feel and improved wrist speed on stick skills.  Specifications 50% Carbon - 50% Fiberglass 510 grams