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ARROW – Calling All CompetitorsThe Harrow Arrow field hockey stick features a traditional mould with a 22mm mid-bow curve at 300mm. At 540 grams, the Arrow provides a dependable performance and a competitive edge. Strikers will enjoy a sharp response for deflections and quick trap and shoot situations. Mid-Fielders and Defenders will appreciate the Arrow for quick touches, sly defensive...


Harrow's Tidal 9 Field Hockey Stick is the perfect stick for players who want to step their skill level up a few levels - wanting that extra bit of power in their shots. The Tidal 9 offer just that ideal balance between control and power you need.


The lightweight Ninja Goalie stick from Harrow lets you block shots just like a ninja! With a super-sleek structure and 10% carbon construction to minimize rebound distance after you block the shot, you will get in front of the ball when your team is counting on you. The Ninja Goalie Stick's zig-zag design maximizes coverage of the goal. Specifications Sleek...


BOWIE – Precision, Performance, PerfectionThe Harrow Bowie 75 field hockey stick offers the complete package for any player on the field. A 24mm low-bow at 250mm provides unbelievable power and control with small skills and passing accuracy. Whether you’re dodging defenders, sweeping or throwing the ball out of the backfield, or aiming for the top corner, the Bowie will help...


BOWIE – Precision, Performance, Perfection Attacker, defender, or midfielder? No problem - the Harrow Bowie 45 field hockey stick offers the complete package independent from your position on the field. A 24mm low-bow at 250mm gives the Bowie 45 immense power combined with small skills and impressive passing accuracy.  The Harrow Bowie series is available in 95%, 75%, and 45% Carbon...

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Made up of 50% Carbon, the Harrow Torch field hockey stick offers explosive hits and solid defensive strength. Want to take your game to a new level? Look no further than the Harrow Torch! Specifications Maxi Head Powerful Hits 50% Carbon, 40% Fiberglass, 10% Kevlar 550 grams


Harrow's Vixen Indoor Field Hockey stick is comprised of 50% carbon and 50% fiberglass. It weighs in at 510 grams for an ultra light feel and improved wrist speed on stick skills.  Specifications 50% Carbon - 50% Fiberglass 510 grams


The Harrow Kingston 220 Indoor Field Hockey Stick has a  wooden core with composite reinforcements places in the high impact sections. The Kingston 220 is the most forgiving indoor stick on the market.  Specifications INDOOR STICK Light weight with great durability Ideal for intermediate - advanced indoor players. 23mm Bow Weight: 510 g


An elite composite indoor stick with an aggressive combination of power and control. Ideal for those players honing their drag flicking skills.  Specifications INDOOR STICK Midi Head Sleek structure 80% Carbon, 15% Fiberglass, 5% Kevlar 24mm Bow 510 grams